• Success Stories

    • Kimberly: A Teacher’s Triumphant Return
      Sep 09, 2016
      Most birth defects are caught early in life. Kimberly’s was not found until she was well into her mid-life by a chance MRI. This is her story. “Basically my brain was too big... Read More
    • Morris: Looking Forward to a Brighter Future
      Sep 09, 2016
      Morris came to Kindred Hospital after suffering from respiratory failure after a surgical procedure. He was severely disoriented, weak, and fully dependent on a ventilator to... Read More
    • Janice: Getting Her Life Back
      Jun 29, 2016
      When her medical team thought she was good to go home after a fairly routine procedure, Janice had no idea what awaited her.“They tell me my husband saved my life” Janice... Read More
    • Valerie: Her Journey to Recovery
      Jun 29, 2016
      When Valerie suffered from a major alteration to her mental state due to illness, it incapacitated her and she required major medical intervention. This is her story.“When I... Read More
    • Mr. C: Homeward Bound and Happy!
      Mar 01, 2016
      Mr. C came to Kindred Hospital Chattanooga suffering from acute post-procedural respiratory failure. He was unable to breathe on his own, unable to walk and little to no use... Read More
    • Ms. D: Recovering from an ATV Accident
      Mar 01, 2016
      Ms. D came to Kindred with multiple, severe injuries from an ATV accident. She was on a vent, minimally responsive to verbal commands and had a large head injury. Barely... Read More
    • Mr. W: Healing Wounds
      Mar 01, 2016
      Mr. W had five open wounds struggling to heal from prior surgeries and was restricted to lying on his back for an entire month before his admittance to Kindred Chattanooga.... Read More
    • John: Everyone Worked Together
      Jan 01, 2014
      John was working on his farm. He hopped off his tractor to shut a gate and his tractor kept moving.“I tried to jump on it, like a dummy, and fell,” John said. “The tractor... Read More
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